Friday, March 02, 2007

March - April Business at Lake County Public Library


BUILT TO CHANGE 54 minutes copyright 2006

In today’s highly competitive business environment, organizations must be ready to change and change frequently. Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley discuss methods for creating strategies, structures, communication processes, and human resource management practices that are designed to facilitate the ability of an organization to change.

55 minutes copyright 2006

More than half of the change efforts at any major organization will tend to fail. Well-meaning leaders often neglect to follow through to the end of the project’s lifecycle. The answer is to engage every employee on the individual level, and challenge each one to make a personal commitment to the success of the organization.


Managers are under constant pressure to grow, but it is often difficult to find new avenues of growth within an existing line of business. It is important to understand which customer behaviors make-and lose-money for your organization. Learn how to examine existing markets from a fresh perspective so you can uncover hidden, and perhaps unexpected, opportunities.

STRATEGIES FOR SELLING 47 minutes copyright 2006

Selling is not an event but a process. This process is ever changing, and requires a solid strategy to achieve positive results. Jim Healy explains how to manage the four dynamic and interactive functions of selling: analyzing the opportunity, positioning the solution, aligning with the power base, and overcoming resistance to buying. Believing that selling is a science as well as an art, Healy describes the skills that good sales people need to learn in order to develop an effective selling strategy.

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