Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April Business News at Lake County Public Library

This month we'll take a look at an old friend - REFERENCE USA.

The Reference USA Business databases contain detailed information on more than 12 million U.S. businesses. Details include sales figures, executive names and number of employees. Searches can be performed using these categories and more. Reference USA Residential information covers 102 million U.S. residents and is compiled from more than 3,900 White Page telephone directories.

Some examples of improvements and enhancements:
Search by 800 Numbers - Quickly narrow your search results to display companies that either have or do not have an 800 number.
Search by Brands & Products - Access to more than 60,000 brands, trade names and products, and the companies they are associated with.
Display Executive Biographies - Displays a description of the executive's professional status, education, employment history, and when available, interests and hobbies.
Nearby Businesses - This feature shows you the 10 businesses nearest to your record of interest.

Data downloads now include customization - select the fields that you want and need for business records.

Best of all library patrons can now download twenty-five records remotely.

Call or come in today for a demonstration of REFERENCE USA 's new improved features and search selects.

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