Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LCPL August Business News


First Research is an online library of industry profiles covering over 700 key industries and 50 State and Canadian Province reports to aid users in understaning the challenges, opportunities, and operations for a variety of industry segments.

Each industry overview includes the products, finances, competition, and regional as well as international issues affecting the industry.

Core Tools:
  • Industry Profiles - easy to read and updated quarterly in-depth industry summaries
  • Call Prep Sheets - one-page industry overviews help with sales calls
  • State & Province Profiles - concise view of economic and business issues using state & province specific employment data, real estate info and more

Sample questions that you can answer with this new database:

1. Is landscaping a good business to start? Using this database, find information on the landscaping industry as well as local real estate information.

2. Do you have a job interview or are you making a sales call on a business? Do your research with First Research and print a Call Prep Question sheet before you go.

Call or stop in today for a demonstration of First Research.

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