Thursday, May 12, 2011

New Business Books

Crush Price Objections: Sales Tactics for Holding Your Ground and Protecting Your Profit by Tom Reilly

These days it seems like we're always in a "buyer's market." But even at a time the word "value" is used interchangeably with "cheap," and the Internet is a bargain hunter's paradise, there are ways for sales professionals to regain the upper hand. In Crush Price Objections!, Tom Reilly, bestselling author of Value-Added Selling, teaches field-tested, street-smart tactics for engaging price shoppers and holding the line on profits.

Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play: Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship by Mahan Khalsa

Too often, the sales process is all about fear.
Customers are afraid that they will be talked into making a mistake; salespeople dread being unable to close the deal and make their quotas. No one is happy.
Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig offer a better way. Salespeople, they argue, do best when they focus 100 percent on helping clients succeed. When customers are successful, both buyer and seller win. When they aren’t, both lose.

Pay Attention!: How to Listen, Respond, and Profit from Customer Feedback by Ann Thomas

Make customer feedback work for your business.
Customers are speaking loud and clear through a miriad of mediums. Evidence shows that customers will no longer stand for the hurried and complacent service that has become the norm. They are looking for a positive, memorable experience. Organizations that provide that level of service will earn their loyalty. Customers base their decisions on nothing more than a positive or negative review of your product and/or service.
Pay Attention! paves the way.

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