Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security by Jean Chatzky. "In a time of great financial uncertainty, this is the book everyone must read. The bottom line: Money is simple - people make it complicated. Now, bestselling personal finance author Jean Chatzky has distilled this simplicity into a smart, immediate, and entertaining set of rules that will change your financial life."

The Whizbangs of Oohs and Ahs--America's Salesmen: Their Lore, Lives and Laughs by Ronald Solberg. "This comprehensive and generously illustrated collection is a lively and loving history celebrating the richness of America's traveling salesman tradition and the ways that the men and women of the road profoundly affected the American way of life through word and deed."

How Much Should I Charge?
by Ellen Rohr. "Are you pulling your sales prices out of thin air? Do you call your competitors and pretend to be a customer to find out how much they charge...and then charge the same thing? Get real! How Much Should I Charge? shows you how to price your services so you'll make money-as much money as your want-on every job!"

Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People by Ned Hallowell. "A manager's job is getting harder to do. But the central question for all managers, the one that separates great managers from the rest, is how to get the most from your people. What do you do when your most talented people fall short of their potential, or worse, fall off their game for awhile? How do you inspire a solid contributor to even more stellar performance? How do you find that spark? And turn it into a burning flame? According to best-selling author and psychiatrist, Edward M. Hallowell, MD, it's all in the brain."

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