Thursday, February 09, 2006

February Highlights

Database of the Month Business & Company Resource Center

Business & Company Resource Center brings together in a single database company profiles, company brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies, and periodicals. Search this database to find detailed company history and industry news and information. (
Thompson Gale)

New Books

Essentials of Payroll: Management and Accounting
Steven M. Bragg
658.321 BRAG

Bragg offers valuable tips, techniques, real-world examples, exhibits, and best practices in this handy and concise paperback.

99.3 Random Acts of Marketing
Drew McLellan
658.8 MCLE

Whether you work for a large firm or are operating a small business this book has something to offer everyone. The author writes, “…marketing isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense. It’s consistency. It’s staying the course.” You’ll enjoy his crisp and clear writing style and find tips that you can use.

Best Face Forward
Jeffrey F. Rayport & Bernard J. Jaworski
658.812 RAYP

“Based on extensive research inside both start-up and established businesses across many industries, Best Face Forward proposes ways that companies can radically reengineer their front-office operations.” The authors look at what people do best and what machines do best – the goal being better customer experiences.

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